A History of Excellence

and customer commitment

SIL Imports and Export Limited Trinidad is a small company with wide reach and specialized services. Together with our sister companies, SEL Advertising and Saudia Foods and Pharmaceuticals, we serve some of the biggest businesses in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Chances are you have used our products and not even know it.SIL Imports Trinidad officially began operations in May 2008 and since then we have grown to shipping and delivering over five hundred metric tons of goods per year in 2019.We boast a history of excellence and customer commitment. Our management Team has been recognized internationally and received awards in both Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our key to success? We understand the importance of timeliness, efficiency and customer service to the success of a business.

That’s why, despite our accomplishments, we at SIL Imports continue to strive to provide a courteous, professional and customized experience to each of our customers, every time.SIL Imports offer a wide range of shipping and product solutions to meet the needs of any business, including yours. Our free consultation and customized service means that we can meet any price that suits your business.

With offices in Trinidad and Tobago, China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, you have access to hundreds of major manufacturers and factories that provide for some of the biggest names worldwide, including, Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon and other well-known brands.

Sil Imports Trinidad provides you with a seamless and stress-free service. We handle the logistics and entire process of clearing, transportation, storage, and delivery of items to your specified locations. Your products are kept safely at optimum conditions at all times. This ensures that the quality and integrity of your products are guaranteed to you and your customers.

Sil Imports Limited Trinidad has two major facilities, including a 12000 sq ft facility Barrackpore, Trinidad, as well as a public showroom at our primary office, also in Barrackpore, Trinidad. Both facilities are strategically located at 15 minutes from San Fernando and accessible via the main highway and thoroughfares. These two facilities, together with our head office, house all our operations within Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

SIL Imports Trinidad warehousing facilities are environmentally maintained and controlled to ensure that your products are stored at optimum conditions.

No matter the nature of your product, from food items, furniture, or automotive accessories, we can guarantee that you will receive your shipment of goods precisely as it came out of the factory. Once final payments have been received, and the goods are ready to be released, SIL Imports Trinidad will complete the transportation of the products to your business location.

Outbound flows are managed per the client's specifications.Our multi-user storage capacities enable market-leading efficiency and flexibility. All warehouses operate with standardized procedures, and we strive to deliver the highest quality service. We store all your goods as per customer specifications and operational parameters within the legal and industry frameworks.

Our storage and transportation techniques are done to industry requirements to ensure we provide an efficient solution for our clients.SIL Imports Trinidad's expertise allows us to manage our warehouses most efficiently thanks to the flexible storage approaches. As we manage your storage within the whole logistics chain, we offer time efficiencies and create the opportunity for our customers and partners to focus on their core value-adding activities.


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